Final Touch Boil Guard 29.5cm, Red


Never Boil Over Again!Simply place on the saucepan & it’s ready to use! It’s ingenious and it really works! Use with milk, pasta, rice and other food that is prone to boiling over. Thanks to the Boil Guard your stovetop will stay spotless - nothing will boil over again! Energy Saver The centre piece will act as a vent and will allow steam to escape to prevent boiling over. This maximizes the internal cooking temperature, increasing energy efficiency vs. cooking without the lid. Microwave Safe Use as a splatter guard (right side up) or as a steamer lid (inverted). Heat resistant / Food-grade Made of FDA approved food-grade silicone. BPA-free. Temperature resistant up to 230°C (446°F). Can also be used as a trivet. Dishwasher Safe Easy-to-clean, just place in the dishwasher. Great For Steaming Easily steam vegetables. Use as a double steamer with rice or other grains in the bottom. Oven & Stovetop Safe Use with or without the middle insert to prevent splatter in the oven or on the stovetop.

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