isi co2 Chargers v2


Carbonate your favorite beverage right from the comfort of your home with these iSi CO2 soda chargers. Made with a recyclable steel casing, this set includes 10 chargers, each one containing 8.4 grams of carbon dioxide and one charge per bottle fill. Each canister will be able to produce one full liter of soda. These chargers are leak proof and have no expiration date, making them easy to keep on hand at all times. These larger capacity chargers are specially designed to be used with your iSi soda siphons, making carbonating your own soda water a breeze.

  • Each charger contains 8.2g of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Individually weighed electronically - with filling guarantee
  • 100% recyclable steel casing
  • Each canister produces 1 full liter of soda
  • Suitable for all iSi soda devices and the Gourmet Whip
  • No expiration date. Leak proof.
Article number: P-10133
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