Les Charlatans Strawberry & Sichuan Syrup


Les Charlatans Strawberry & Sichuan syrup gives delicious depth and tone to delicious sweet strawberries. The kind of syrup that tastes like childhood memories ... adult version! Enjoy this syrup in a cocktail, it can be used with vodka or Tequila for example. It can also be extended with a white wine to make a Kir or a sparkling wine for a Kir Royal. Of course, you can spoil yourself and use this syrup on ice cream, with sparkling water, in cooking or for baking! The Charlatans do not use any agent, preservative, coloring or additive to keep the freshness and respect the natural flavors of the products.

  • 100% natural and made in Montreal
  • ingredients : Organic cane sugar, strawberry juice, spring water, sichuan pepper, citric acid.
Article number: P-6439
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