Mortar & Large Pestle, White Marble, 4”


This White Marble Mortar and Pestle is perfect for grinding and crushing all of your herbs and spices! Adding herbs and spices to your dishes improves taste, and grinding them yourself is the only way to ensure that yours are at their full flavor and potency potential. This 4" by 4" versatile mortar and pestle is made of beautiful, durable white marble and is a great addition to any kitchen. The unpolished interior helps to achieve superior results. The pestle fits on top of the mortar and acts as a lid to keep spices fresh. It has a nice solid feel and is very effective at reducing herbs, spices and nuts to powders or pastes. Don't let your dishes fall flat due to grocery store bought spices, and ensure perfection by grinding your own with this marble mortar and pestle!

  • 4 x 4 inch
  • Made of 100% Marble - a natural elegant stone with unique patterns and colourations. Due to natural variations in the marble, colour may differ slightly from the images.​
  • Unpolished interior for better grinding results
  • Sleek design, will add elegance to any kitchen
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