Prosyro Mango Syrup


Prosyro syrups are one of a kind made in Canada. They are the only syrups available that compromise between micro-artisanal and industrial imported syrups.

These beautifully rich syrups are made from a base of sugar cane and have perfect calibrated pH levels. This allows Prosyro syrups to be stable at room temperature and don't require refrigeration even after opening. They are homogeneous, stable and filtered to be consistent. With a large catalogue of flavours to choose from, with basic cocktails in mind, you're sure to find a syrup for you. The simple yet precise flavours are ideal for bartenders.

The syrups come in BPA-free, plastic squeeze bottles that are easy to use, light, unbreakable and speed rail compatible. They come equipped with a Yorker cap that can be cut to size to allow for quicker pouring. All bottles come with a label that indicates the pH level, sugar content and a dedicated space to write recipes, date of opening, etc.

  • Shelf stable, even once opened
  • Made in Canada
  • 340mL squeeze bottle


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