Second Spin Gray Placemats, set of 4


Top off your tables with the contemporary multi-hued grey of these Now Designs' Second Spin Grey Placemats, a modern take on a classic piece. 

  • GRS-Certified recycled cotton and polyester threads are woven together to create bold and earth-friendly placemats. This recycled fabric is made by taking yarns that are swept off the floor during manufacturing. The yarns are first sorted by colour, then run through a machine that shreds them into raw fibre. The recycled content is spun into new-again yarns and sometimes other fibres are mixed in during this process.
  • Sustainable placemats: Off-cuts from textile production are re-spun into new thread to create this placemat. This sustainable practice greatly reduces landfill waste, water use and emissions for big environmental benefits.
  • Function and style: Grey cloth placemats made from completely recycled material. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, these cloth placemats add a fresh take on tabletop design. Alternatively, it can also be used as a trivet for large pots and pans. Measures: W20.5" x L13.25"; Set of 4.
  • Easy Care: Machine wash cold. Made in India. Material: 85% Recycled Cotton / 15% Recycled Polyester = 100% recycled content with Global Recycled Standard certificate.
  • Environmentally Friendly Placemats: S Heat insulation, non-slip, wear resistant, easy to clean and durable for everyday use. Washable, non-fading, non-stain, not mildew, wipe clean, dries very quickly.

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