Trudeau Twist Quadro Combo Mill


Trudeau’s mills exemplify their commitment to excellence. Pepper is an essential ingredient for most of our culinary creations. Nearly every kitchen is stocked with pepper. Pepper is ground to release the flavor. However, once ground, pepper has a storage life of three months. Keep your kitchen stocked with peppercorns and you’ll no longer need to worry whether or not your pepper is still fresh and flavorful; peppercorns can be stored indefinitely. Not only do mills cut peppercorns to release the rich flavor and aroma of the pepper, they also allow you to adjust for the perfect grind. Always ready to provide you with the optimal grind, Trudeau’s twist quadro, combo pepper mill with salt shaker, comes filled with high-quality peppercorns and salt. The grinder is constructed of carbon steel. Carbon steel is more expensive and a better quality than stainless steel so your grinder will stay sharp and provide superb output. And, it’s plated to avoid rusting. Freshness in the twist of the mill. Acrylic. 7-1/4-inch tall

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