Turkey Brining Bag


Prepare tender and juice turkey, chicken, and pork by soaking the meat in a salt and water solution (brine), with the addition of herbs, spices, fruit, or vegetables. Brining infuses flavour and moisture throughout the meat, ensuring that every bite is juicy and delicious. This extra heavy weight brining bag has a gusseted bottom and will securely hold a turkey and brine without leaking.

Size: 19½ × 23½
Dimensions: 23½"L × 19½"W
Materials: Extra heavy weight plastic
Product of United States

The bag's seal was designed for leak-proof applications for the US military and NASA; the seal works a little differently than ordinary closeable plastic bags. To ensure a proper seal, press firmly between the thumb and forefinger and run fingers from end-to-end several times along the entire length of the bag.

  • Heavy weight and leak proof
  • Holds up to a 25 lb turkey with brining solution
  • Utilizes a secure, double lock, leak proof seal developed for NASA and the military.
  • Gusseted bottom allows the bag to stay in an upright position in the refrigerator

NOTE: To prevent cross-contamination, brining bag should be discarded after use

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