Tutti Frutti Dishtowel & Swedish Cloth, Set of 2

Fill your kitchen with the bright colours of Tutti Frutti by Ecologie on this matched set of dishtowel and sponge cloth. Replace paper towels with and absorbent dish towel for drying hands and this sponge cloth that can be used again and again before it goes back to the earth in your compost.
  • Dishtowels have a woven linen-blend texture
  • The perfect match for your Earth-friendly kitchen. Natural cotton and linen dishtowel pairs perfectly with a reusable Swedish Sponge dishcloth
  • A colourful confectionery of all fruit brightens up your kitchen with sweet goodness.
  • The ideal pairing of this set is simply natural. The dishtowel is a 50 / 50 blend of linen and cotton, and the sponge cloth is crafted from 70% plant-based cellulose with 30% cotton.
  • Easy to care for the dishtowel is machine washable and tumble dry on low. The sponge cloth goes into the washing machine as well or place on the top rack of the dishwasher, then allow to air dry



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