Umbra Marla Paper Towel Holder, White/Nickel


A paper towel holder so beautiful it could be décor. Marla is a highly functional and attractive paper towel holder. Its beautiful real marble base is the secret to its functionality. It creates weight that ensures stability and ease of tearing when grabbing paper towel. Marla also sports a sleek post with a nickel finish and a padded, non-slip base ensuring your countertop is protected and the paper towel holder doesn’t move around. Details This compact design measures 6 ¾ dia. x 13 inches (17.1 dia. x 33 cm). Marla comes in white marble. Marble is a natural product, so the color of the veins and swirls you receive may be different from what you see in the photos.

  • Stable, Non-Slip Base: Marla’s marble base adds weight that ensures stability when you’re tearing a piece of paper towel, padding on the bottom creates a non-slip base
  • Elegant White Marble Base: Marla’s beautiful white marble base makes it a paper towel holder you’ll be happy to have on display in your kitchen
  • Compact Design: This compact design measures 6 ¾ dia. x 13” (17.1 dia. x 33 cm)
  • Sleek Nickel Post: Marla’s post has a sleek and eye-catching nickel finish
Article number: P-9380
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