In 1984, Tom Littledeer hypothesized that a non-flat, scoop-shaped paddle would make canoeing easier. He designed and tested a variety of different models with Olympic canoeists and at the National Research Council. When The Stowe Canoe Company in Vermont decided to produce his original paddle, Tom made a series of miniature promotional paddles for the launch, and these first scooped paddles evolved into the Pot Scoop...the first wooden spoon deliberately designed not to crack.

In 1992, Tom gave left-handed pot scoops as Christmas presents to left-handed friends. Orders from left-handers came in thanks to word of mouth. Right-handed orders followed. In Spring 1995, the Pot Scoop, and four other Mapleware® cooking paddles, handmade by Tom Littledeer, were introduced at the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto. Sales to gourmet stores and kitchen boutiques began the following year. The Mapleware® line has since expanded to include an extensive selection of comfortable, multi-purpose cooking, serving, and eating utensils, all made of heat-enduring, beautiful hard maple. 

Made with the utmost respect for the environment, each piece is designed, shaped, and signed by hand.

Littledeer is based in Quebec, Canada.