Clean Soups, Rebecca Katz


60 delicious recipes from the Queen of Soup!

All cooks have their core specialties. Rebecca’s is soup!
Rebecca’s magical prowess with soup is the result of a life-long love affair, starting as a child stirring and tasting with her mother and grandmother. She was a soup star in culinary school, and when she began cooking for people with cancer, she discovered that taste was the key and soup was the medium for providing much-needed nourishment. (Read her soup story here, in Soup sublime: My new book baby.)

The results of her explorations are extraordinary.
She is FAMOUS for her soups, from nourishing broths, to unique “cashmere sweater” blended soups, to exceptionally flavourful traditional soups.

Now she’s created a collection of 60 seriously delicious recipes to nourish, refresh, comfort and delight YOU!

“Soup is the ultimate culinary hug."
— Rebecca

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