Hawkshead Relish Posh Pickle Sauce, 270g


Love them or loath them, this sauce is packed with Gherkins, Dill and Onions. Derivative of a traditional burger relish balanced with seasoning and spiced to create a lovely soft yet moreish sauce that is great to bring out at the BBQ. Equally fabulous with fish, burgers and sausages.

  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free
  • Shelf Life 30 Months from production
  • Shelf Life Once Opened 1 month (Refrigerate after opening and use within one month)
  • Storage Temp - Unopened Ambient (1ºC-30ºC)
  • Storage Temp - Opened 1 - 5ºC

Ingredients: Gherkins (87%), Acetic Acid, Sugar, Onions, Mustard Seed, Garlic, Dill (1%), Lemon Juice, Stabiliser: Xanthan Gum, Turmeric, Salt.

Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy 67kcal 293kj
Protein 1.3
Carbohydrate 12.7
Sugars 11.9
Fat 0.6
Saturates 0
Salt 1.54


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