Jack Rudy Martini Olive Brine


The Dirty Martini has become a classic choice for cocktail lovers around the world.

We discovered that while many customers were enjoying our Vermouth Brined Olives at home, they were looking for a higher quality Olive Brine to use in their cocktails. The widely available olive brine options were lacking the seasoning needed to properly accent the best gins and vodkas on the market.

Working with our olive farm, we developed a delicious, full-flavoured Brine that elevates the Dirty Martini to new heights. Aged naturally for 10 months, this mother brine boasts an incredibly robust flavour profile. This will become a must have for any home bar (or restaurant bar!) looking for the ideal Dirty Martini.

750 ml


Article number: JR_OLI-BRINE-750
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