Le Creuset 11.4L Stockpot Agave

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Le Creuset’s Stockpot is a versatile cooking vessel designed to make your food preparation hassle free. This sturdy vessel is not only enough to feed large crowds at backyard events but is a great multi-purpose stockpot for home cooks.

Crafted from heavy-gauge steel and coated with a colourful porcelain enamel, Le Creuset’s Enamelled Stockpot has established itself as a kitchen essential. Its high-profile design and tight-fitting lid create an environment that limits evaporation while infusing heated liquids through all layers of ingredients. Featuring a triple-welded side handle, the stockpot offers a secure yet tight grip when lifting this heavy-based pot.

Perfect for annual family dinners or weekend parties, Le Creuset Enamel on Steel Stockpot with Lid comes in three different sizes: the standard 11.4 L, as well as the 15.1 L and 18.9 L to accommodate for bigger preparations. The stockpot can be used to steam seafood, corn and vegetables or even be used to simmer soups, chilis, and pasta sauces.

  • Capacity:11.4 L
  • Heat Source:Gas, Electric, Halogen, Ceramic, Induction
  • Diameter: 26 cm, Height: 23 cm
  • Cleaning: Hand Wash
  • Country Of Origin: Thailand
  • Warranty: Limited 5 Year Warranty


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