County Fare

Preserving and canning has been a lifelong passion for Naneen Keenan. Naneen recognizes that processed sugars are a mounting public health concern and a major contributor to the growing rates of diabetes and obesity in Canada. She discovered a natural pectin on the market that allowed her to reduce the typical half and half fruit to sugar ratio in jams and jellies to a 4 to 1 ratio. Fruit is the leading ingredient in all of her products. In addition, she discovered a natural sweetener, erthritol, which looks and tastes like sugar but has 0 calories per gram, is easy on the digestive system and is pet-friendly. More importantly, this sweetener is a natural choice for blood sugar control as it does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels, perfect for diabetics!

County Fare produces artisan-quality preserves using the wonderful bounty of locally sourced, seasonal fruits and vegetables produced on some of the finest farmland in Eastern Ontario—in Prince Edward, Hastings and Northumberland counties.