Silpat Non Stick Baking Mat, Half Size


This Baking Mat can be used on any type of pan for maximum usage in your commercial kitchen or bakery. This product is laid flat on your sheet pan, not taking up any of the space needed for baking. This Baking Mat features a revolutionary design. This product can be used for baking, or freezing and can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures. This Baking Mat is made from Non-Stick Silicone.


  • Branded and ready to bake for a lifetime!
  • Finishing protects edges
  • Additional silicone layers for easy release and shape definition
  • Unique Silpat™ silicone pressed and cut to shape
  • Mold shape
  • Unique fiberglass texture


  • Professional results for the home
  • Easy to use and fill
  • Healthy and fast preparation: No greasing needed
  • Easy to cook: Even and perfect cooking results
  • Easy to release: Shapes comes out perfectly without breaking
  • Easy to clean: Simply place in the dishwasher or wipe with a cloth - no scrubbing
  • Easy to store: No risk of damaging the mold
  • Uniquely made with our fibre en verre - a textile dipped in our special recipe of Food Grade Silicone


Article number: P-1474
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