WECK Mold Jar, 250 ml


Weck 741 Mold Jar, 250 ml. Popular for garnishes, single serving desserts, and overnight oats. Enjoy the wide opening of the glass, and the jar’s single serving size that is perfect for storage or a meal. This jar is also great for candles, food and leftover storage, and spice displays. This jar is very popular for meal prepping side dishes. If shopping for lid alternatives like wood, cork or keep fresh cover, select lid size large.

Wide easy to fill jars. Glass lids that will not rust. Seals that are easy to check at a glance. Easy open jars (no can opener needed). Easy stack jars for convenient, space saving storage. Accompanying plastic lids for refrigerator storage. Wide openings making for easy cleanup. Glass is microwave safe. Attractive, fun, decorative shapes nice enough for table use. Juice jars make pouring easier.

  • Height: 2 5/8" Opening: 3 7/8" Volume: 12.5 fl oz.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
Article number: P-10589
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