Aerolatte Coffee Filter Paper #2


Aerolatte Unbleached Coffee Filters for making coffee in automatic coffee makers or coffee accessories designed for manual, pour-over coffee brewing.

  • Made in Germany from 100-percent unbleached, totally chlorine-free, pure-grade wood-free virgin pulp; free from all environmental pollutants
  • Contains no recycled content, glue or bonding; pulp sourced from TC and FSC-certified, sustainable forestry operations in Switzerland
  • Number-2 size brews 2-6 demitasse cups (up to 1 large US mug); strong, patented wave seam won’t split; made using sustainable manufacturing processes
  • Perfect for coffee lovers concerned about more sustainable living practices; disposable, convenient, fully biodegradable and compostable
  • 80 filter papers per pack
Article number: SC1223
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