Gnocchi Board


Nothing tastes better than homemade pasta, and when preparing gnocchi, adding the traditional indentations into the dough before cooking is vital to perfecting the dish. Fox Run's Gnocchi Board is just what you need to easily create these light and plump Italian dumplings right at home. Constructed of natural beech wood, the paddle features ridges to help shape your pasta and add texture quickly. Indenting gnocchi is a must when serving with sauce because the pattern allows the sauce to better cling to the pasta. To use, simply hold the board at an angle by utilizing the easy-to-grip handle, and gently press and roll the square pieces of dough down the surface of the board using your thumb. This method helps create a more consistent shape than using a fork, which allows more even cooking, and won't flatten the delicate dough. Hand wash and dry only. Master this delicious and authentic Italian pasta dish once and for all.

Article number: P-1912
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