Second Spin Tablecloth, Belle Plaid, 60"x90"


Embrace the simple charm and casual comfort of this cottage-style Belle Plaid Second Spin Tablecloth from Now Designs. Traditional design meets sustainable practicality in this eco-friendly tablecloth that's constructed from re-woven cotton and polyester threads. Designed to fit standard 6 and 8 person oblong tables, it serves as the perfect foundation for your tabletop decor and place settings, and is a reliable choice for any occasion. Easy to clean and keep crisp, simply wash, dry and iron your tablecloth between uses.

  • GRS-Certified recycled cotton and polyester threads are woven together to create bold and earth-friendly table linens.
  • The recycled fabric is made by taking yarns that are swept off the floor during manufacturing. The yarns are first sorted by colour, then run through a machine that shreds them into raw fibre. The recycled content is spun into new-again yarns and sometimes other fibres are mixed in during this process.
  • 85% Recycled Cotton, 15% Recycled Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, high iron, do not bleach
  • 60" x 90"


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