Victorinox Oyster Shucker, New Haven Style


Shuck oysters with ease with this oyster knife from Victorinox's Forschner line. Made with high carbon steel, the narrow pear shaped blade is durable and long lasting. Featuring a red and ergonomic handle, it provides a supergrip and is slip resistant even when wet. The New Haven style oyster knife is versatile and very effective at opening just about any type and size of oyster with any opening method. The forward bulge in the handle serves as a stabilizing thumb rest while the more narrow body behind it enhances a good grip for the rest of the fingers. Unlike other oyster knife designs, the tip ends up sitting high in the place of the blade. This presents two advantages to an oyster lover, first, the tip design allows excellent leverage, second, the tip tends to travel high inside the oyster above and away from the tender meat. Best of all, it is dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze.

2-3/4" L

Article number: P-6093
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