Kikuichi Deba Chef's Knife, 7"


Carve through poultry, fish and vegetables with the accuracy and precision of a pro with this Kikuichi 7" Deba Tatsutogi Chef's Knife. Made in Sakai, Japan by a family of artisans with a 700 year legacy of craftsmanship, this knife features an extremely sharp and durable carbon steel blade which is designed to retain its edge longer than modern chef's knives. It also boasts a traditionally styled Japanese Ho-wood handle with a water buffalo horn guard for optimal comfort during use.

Features of the Kikuichi 7" Deba Tatsutogi Chef's Knife include:

  • Hand made in Sakai, Japan
  • White carbon steel blade
  • 59 HRc
  • Deep thick-spine blade with very fine, single beveled edge
  • Full tang
  • Classic Japanese Ho-wood handle with water buffalo horn guard
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects
Article number: P-4101
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